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3D Modeling Services

Listed are some of the great services we offer to help build your dream mod or asset for a perticual 3D scene.

We are currently still expanding your 3D modeling Into other games such as Beam NG Drive.

Modding Tutorials

We have created modding content for american truck simulator on our you channel link below, if you would like to go over some modding tips and tricks. We will be expanding some more videos into other games down the road.

We may in the future start releasing videos on modeling within Blender 2.93LTS and creating PBR textures with Substance Painter.

American Truck Simulator Models

Below is a link for model requests for 3D models for ATS that will be game ready for yourself to enjoy. We will have a form that will need to be fill out and referance photos uploaded for us to review and reply if the job can be finalized. You will recieve a email once the review and all the info we require has been forfilled.

American Truck Simulator Mods

We are currently working on some models that will be for sale soon for ATS, All of our models will be kept up to date and enhanced with future ATS updates.

3D Models

We will be expanding into building 3D assets for use with blender or other formats. But currently we are focusing on ATS and moving into Beam NG Drive in the future.